Keynote Address: A Deeper Sense of Literacy:
Navigating the World of Information and Ideas in Today’s Media Age

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Cyndy Scheibe is the Executive Director and founder of Project Look Sharp and an associate professor of psychology at Ithaca College where she has taught for the past 18 years. She holds a doctoral degree in developmental psychology ('87) and a master's degree in communications ('83), both from Cornell University ('87). While at Cornell, she and John Condry started the Center for Research on the Effects of Television (CRETV), including the ongoing collection of television content for the CRETV archive which now contains more than 10,000 hours of TV programs and commercials videotaped over a period of more than 20 years. In addition to her media literacy work with Project Look Sharp, Dr. Scheibe also currently serves as the director of CRETV, and is a nationally known speaker on issues of media literacy and the effects of television on children. She is a founding board member of the Alliance for a Media Literate America, and her publications include the educational booklet 12 Basic Principles for Integrating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking into the K-12 Curriculum (with Faith Rogow), and the article "A Deeper Sense of Literacy: Curriculum-Driven Approaches to Media Literacy in the K-12 Classroom" in American Behavioral Scientist (October 2004, Sage Publications).