Dear Presenters!
Thank you for presenting at our Fall Conference! Below you will find information that you should have received in an e-mail from me. We are posting it here as well for your convenience.

Thank you for participating in our NYCSLS Fall Professional Development Conference on November 4. The conference is shaping up to be an exciting event. Below are a few details that will help make your participation go smoothly:

1. If you are a NYC DOE employee, please make sure that you REGISTER at for the conference. Even though you are presenting, we still need everyone in attendance to register.

2. Brooklyn Tech is at 29 Fort Green Place but it is a HUGE school occupying a full city block! There are MANY entrances. The entrance you as a presenter should use is on South Elliott Place near Dekalb Avenue. If you need a ramp entrance (that is, if you are bringing lots of stuff in, like a vendor) you should go to the entrance at South Elliott Place near Lafayette Avenue. The main entrance will be totally OFF LIMITS to us as voting will be taking place there from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.

3. We are expecting to have wireless access to the Internet in all of the presentation rooms (classrooms on the 5th floor) However, because this is our first time in this venue and because technology is often fickle, I think you would be smart to have a charged battery and CD backup for your laptop presentations just in case.

4. Because of the DOE firewall, we need to send in advance to Brooklyn Tech all of the Website addresses you might want to use. Please e-mail these URLs to me by October 24. Their tech people will check them to make sure that they are accessible and if they are not, they will unblock them so they will be available on Nov. 4. On the day of the conference it will not be possible to get sites unblocked.

5. All rooms where concurrent sessions are taking place (except those in the auditorium) have a capacity of 25-30. If you are supplying handouts, please plan accordingly. Presenters are responsible for their own handouts. If you send us an electronic copy of your session materials, we will make them available online to conference attendees after the conference.

6. Available at the top of this page is an agenda, so you can see the flow of the day. Events are taking place on several floors.

7. You will be presenting during the [first concurrent session from 11:30 to 12:30] [second concurrent session from 2:00 to 3:00]. Most concurrent sessions will take place on the fifth floor. We are asking first session presenters to check in by 11:00 am and second session presenters to check in by 1:30. Please look for signage directing you to “Presenter Check-In” – we do not yet know the exact room number.

8. Please visit our Conference Wiki for additional information on near-by parking facilities: and directions by public transportation. Brooklyn Tech HS is accessible by several subway and bus lines. You can also find someone to carpool with on our Conference Wiki. This letter and subsequent updates will be available on the “Information for Presenters” page on the Conference Wiki.